Sunday, December 30, 2012

Character of the Sunday

Character: Mike
From: Monsters, Inc. and the new Monsters University

Along with a quote! Enjoy! :)

Song of the Sunday

Song: The Best Christmas of All
From: House of Mouse

Sorry it's a couple of days late, but it's all in the spirits everybody! :)

Things Are Gonna Change

Hey, everybody! Bella is here! Sorry it's been since the beginning of November or October, I can't remember (haha!) but I just wanted to say I am trying. I've been working on a book lately, and no it's not Once Upon A Disney Dream, it's something that is way more popular than that one could ever be.

Now, I'm not saying I won't work on Once Upon A Disney Dream, but I'm definetly working on this other one a whole lot more than it.

So, I thought I would tell you guys who I really, my name's not Bella Welsh...but it's not the name I'm going to tell you either.

I go by a pen name. I've been going by Bella Welsh on here for (almost) one year now. My "official" pen name has been going on for about six or seven months.

So my OFFICIAL pen name is:

Blake Mason

If you're a fan of Miss Literati, then you might (possibly) know who I am, or have seen my story: Dark Knight School for Heroic Children: The Legend or DKS; The Uprising.

So now, the web address is going to be Blake the Disney Queen @

I know, I know you guys are probably like, "You wait a whole freakin' year to tell us your official pen name and expect us to call you Blake after a whole freaking year?? You stink!"

And I'm over here like, "I know, guys, I know! Sorry!"

But if you start doing this, there will possibly be a lot more posts up about Disney news and I'll try to get the Song of the Saturday and Character of the Saturday up and running again! Okay, guys? 'kay!


All of you guys should check out my Miss Literati and Official Blog!

The Blake Mason Blog

Dark Knight School for Heroic Children: The Legend

Dark Knight School for Heroic Children: The Uprising




Saturday, October 20, 2012

Secret of the Wings

On October 23, 2012- get ready to go on an all new Disney Fairies adventure with Tinker Bell as she journeys into the Winter Woods. While there, she finds a snow fairy that looks like her...and her wings are sparkling just like Tink's. However, this meeting of the sisters will cause the balance of the seasons to go off. It is up to Tink and her sister Periwinkle to save Pixie Hollow.

Character of the Saturday

Character: Patch
Movie: 101 Dalmatians; 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

Song of the Saturday

Song: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Artist: B5
Movie: Three Little Pigs

Friday, October 12, 2012

Writing A Disney Book

So, if you read my post on My Disney Vacation Part 2, you'd see I got a book idea from Hollywood Studio's hit show, Fantasmic! Well, I'm thinking about posting it on here, or on Wattpad, or Miss Literati.

Once Upon A Disney Dream
by Bella Welsh


For thirteen year old Cassidy Newborn, life has always been happy. There have never been any frightening or sad moments because her parents had always taught her in happy endings. After all, most fairy tales did end in happy endings through Walt Disney's eyes. But, what if you found out that you were linked in with all of the characters at Disney. That's how it has been for Cassidy whenever she closes her eyes for the night. Happy endings. But when a mysterious source takes over her dreams, the Nightmares begin. To get her Nightmares to stop- she must join all of the Disney Heroes to defeat the Disney Villains- all while over 10,000 people think you are part of the show. Will Cassidy's Nightmares end in a Happily Ever After...?

(C) 2012

October 12, 2012

My Pins

So, I'm going to try to get a couple of new pins each time I go to Disney World or maybe even Disneyland one day! I have two types of Pins, some are from Walmart and the others are from Disney World.

Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Donald on a beach
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Evil Queen (from Snow White...can't believe I thought she was Maleficent when I bought her...dumb, Bella!)
Mary Poppins
Toy Story with Woody
Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Off With His Head! ft. Helena Bomcarter
Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Disney World/ Resorts
Simba (Did you know that means "lion" in Swahili?)
Mickey and 2012
Tower of Terror ft. Mickey
...Happily Ever After Badge


Disney Vacation Part 2

Today was part 2 of the Magic Kingdom. We rode the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Jungle Cruise! If you go on the Jungle Cruise, you're lucky to get my new best- and hilariously funny- friend, Katherine. Katherine was a great skipper, and I hope to get her again one day! The characters I seen were Aladdin and Jasmine, they did GREAT! And I also got to journey to the Winter Woods at the Disney Fairies to see Tinkerbell and her sister Periwinkle! They were great! So happy to get their autographs and pictures- especially since Periwinkle is new!


Thursday was Hollywood Studios! Tower of Terror came first! Whooohooo!! Haha, best ride! I got a pin too (post about them next). And then, we shopped around waiting for 11:00-12:00 to go on Rock 'n' Roller coaster ft. Aerosmith which I didn't ride (I don't do so well with things that go upside down) so I sat with her son and this man talked to him and me. Then we played in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playset and then watched Muppet Vision 3D. Great Show! And then, Indiana Jones: Stunt Show! Boy they had us fooled with this man from Cuba....don't check out the Indiana Jones: Stunt Show post I will do later if you don't want any spoilers. Haha! We seen Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He was sooo cute and sadly I didn't have a Jake pin, but I did have an Ursula and he was across from Voyage of The Little Mermaid and he was soo cute! He was motioning "I'm staying away from there" by covering his eyes and shaking his head. We seen the Disney Junior show too! Pretty cute! And speaking of Voyage of the Little Mermaid, it broke down! After standing in line all of that time, we didn't get to wait until they got it fixed, or get a Fastpass or anything! We didn't pay for Disney World to not see shows, see characrers, and not to ride rides! Ended on a good note though...WHY?? DRUM ROLL PLEASE....!


Fantasmic is one of the BEST shows Disney World has in my opinion! I just adore it! It has inspired me to do a little bit of Fan-Fiction sort of, but with my own characters(I'll post about that too, later)

Last day :( But, thankfully we ended it on a good note. Today was Epcot. We rode the Mission Earth thing or something like that first. Our future was awesome :)  And then we rode Mission:Space. I thought it was going to be pretty bad because it spins if you go on the Orange Team and could give you motion sickness. I was the Pilot and Mom was the Navigator and we had no Commander and whatever else it was called. We also did all of Mexico's missions with Agent P. We were Agent C. Then, we rode the musical boat ride inside of Mexico with the Three Calerbros. We had technical difficulties with it, too. But then we rode the Maelstrom which is another boat ride. It was pretty cool! While there, we got either a Duffy the Disney Bear or a Perry the Platypus. What you did with that was take it around to all of the countries and they drew the flag on there and stamped it! It makes a great fan/ sun "visor" too! And when you visit China, Japan, and...wherever it was they wrote your name (like, Bella :) ) and in Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic! Cool, right! RIIGHT.
 Then, we rode the Seas with Nemo and friends. After that came Turtle Talk with Crush, duuuude. Totally. He was incredibly funny. These two girls were from Peru and he couldn't understand them and he asked where their parents were and no one ever claimed them and then hands shot up and Crush goes, "So, do you guys like teaching your kids, English?" HAHA! GOTTA LOVE CRUSH!

At the end of the day, her son got his first Mickey ears hat since it was his first visit.


In Italy, the Pizzeria wasn't very crowded...and the pizza was delicious.
In China, be sure to pick up a colored owl or cat that'll bring you special futures.
To avoid the "Lunch Rush" eat around 11:00 or 2:00.

If you are at a Disney Resort and ride the Disney Guests only bus, you're lucky to get Steve. He kept us entertained and everything! Good driver too. Others would sling you all over the place. TRY TO GET TO YOUR LANE EARLY SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO STAND!

Hope these tips help

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


HEY! Guess where I'm posting this from! Florida! Yep! I'm at Walt Disney World! It's awesome. Haven't been in FOREVER! Better than I remember (I can ride rides now, haha). So, I'm on Fall Break. And I'm not sure if I did or not, but I think I might've told you guys I was going here with my mom's friend and her family, right? Well we did! It's been very fun, but there's some down sides too. Like, my heels and just my heels!- are aching! My mom has a blister on her toe she won't pop because she's a baby. Her friend has a sore knee, and her husband doesn't want to ride anything, her son doesn't like walking around and just wants to go back to the hotel (Disney's Pop Century Resort) and swim. Poor kid. So, I thought I would post about what I've been doing here at Disney World since I haven't in a month!

We left Saturday morning and stayed in Georgia to see an uncle. We seen an aircraft museum.

We arrived at Disney's Pop Century's pretty cool here! We also went to Downtown Disney, but we didn't get to do much because of her son :( We went into a couple of shops though. One had Pinocchio in the window and the other had Christmas decorations. We also ate at the Rainforest Cafe there...YUMMY

Animal Kingdom! We went on the Kilimanjaro Safaris where we seen cheetahs, a black rhino, baby rhino, African Elephants, Gorillas, crocodiles and giraffes! Then, we rode Expedition Everest, a high speed/altitude roller coaster that even takes you backwards! But beware the Yeti! Believe it or not, that made me woozy. I was fine, until we went backwards. Ugh. We also got a turkey leg at Trilo-bites and her son played at...Dinoland? We also rode Dinosaur, which was pretty cool and if I'm not mistaken we had to go find the Dinosaur in the movie? Right? The characters I got there were Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and even though I didn't get an autograph or a picture King Louis and Baloo! We got pictures of everyone though at the parade!

Day 1 of Magic Kingdom. Here, we went to Fronteirland first and rode Big Thunder Mountain which was my favorite of them all! And then we rode Splash Mountain while her husband and son went to Tom Sawyer's island and went through these spooky caves. Speaking of spooky, Magic Kingdom is decked out in "Not-So-Scary"-but TOTALLY cute- Halloween decorations. Mickey's are carved into Pumpkins and everything else. Here, we rode these rockets that are just like Dumbo, but their rocketships. Next was Buzz Lightyear's Spin or something and Mom and I sat that one out. However, we did buy two pins that had Simba (I wanted one with them all that had the Lion King on it but they didn't have it...just Animal Kingdom.
We also watched Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor! It's hilarious! Her son even got to be part of it!!
Later that night we watched the Main Street Electrical Parade and then watched fireworks with Jiminy Cricket. Stitch was dancing over at Space Mountain, so be on the lookout for him there next time you go. Characters were Pooh and Tigger, Merida (loved  her), and I think that might be it? If not tell ya later!

Well, tomorrow or whenever I will post what we did Wednesday and Thursday! Magic Kingdom on Wednesday and Hollywood Studios on Thursday. Can't wait for Tower of Terror!

What's your favorite Disney Park Ride?

I'm Back!

Been a while, hasn't it guys? I'll admit, I've slacked haven't I? Yes. Well, trust me. I'm going to get better with time. It's been...wild the past month. School started back and you know how that goes (hopefully) and I'm on Fall Break right now, which is what the next post will be about. And, also I know you guys have been wanting new Disney news on the parks and movies and everything. That's all coming soon. The blog will soon be better than brace yourselves!

Friday, August 24, 2012


 I came up with choreography for this song! Should I post a video of my doing it??

 Max Goof

New Disney DVDs and Blu-Ray

Hey everyone I went to Walmart Wednesday to get a Disney movie. There were three Disney movies I know that came out: Pocahontas/Pocahontas II, The Aristocats, and The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under. I had my sights sat out on Pocahontas Tuesday, but I forogt after school so went Wednesday and surprise surprise, they didn't have it out yet. I was so ticked off. But I did get a new Disney movie and I am planning on getting another tomorrow! What'd I get? A Goofy Movie! This DVD is a favorite of mine! Powerline might just be my favorite popstar! :) Anyway, if you haven't seen this movie you're deprived. In fact, my best friend Holly is coming over tomorrow afternoon (I'm hunting in the morning) and after I get done hunting, I will have to drive to my house and get it so we can watch it tomorrow! Bonus Features include: Disney's Mambo Number 5, "Calling All Goofs" Cartoon, "The Goofy Success Story", and the DVD Storybook. Tomorrow morning on my way back from my house I'm stopping by Walmart and getting Lilo and Stitch: Big Wave Edition. After I get it I just need Leroy and Stitch to complete the Lilo and Stitch Collection! I have it on VHS, but as I said in the post about The Lion King 2 and 1/1/2...VHS is sucky in my
opinion! SO yeah! How's everyone's week been so far? Mine's been alright. Had History homework three times this week, at least one day we just had to read. School starting back=ech! OH! I'm sorry I didn't post a COS/SOS last Saturday that I was supposed to. I probably won't do it tomorrow either since Holly's coming I guess I'll post it today!

Q: Do you guys enjoy hearing about the DVDs I get? If so, tell me what you think I need @

Q: Do you enjoy the COS/SOS?

Brave- Movie Review

Okay, I know I said I couldn't get this watched but I finally did! I went with my cousin, her husband, and his little sister and we either had Brave or Ice Age: Continental Drift


 Brave is a one-of-a-kind movie! It's magical, heartwarming, and HILARIOUS! The thriplets cracked me up, and so did everyone in the Kingdom. There were a lot of mothers-and SONS- watching this movie in the theatres so it's a great family film. In the movie, Merida accidentally turns her mother into a bear after going to a witch so she could change her 'mum'. King Fergus, is the BEAR King, so this has to be good...right? Anyway, Merida and her mother must find a way to break the spell before a moon (can't remember what kind) rises. Not too give away anything, but there are butt cheeks in this film...but it's funny! As soon as this movie hits Blu-Ray and DVD this Disney fan is going to Wal Mart and getting it!

New Fantasyland Pictures and Crush

Photo: The EAC in 3D on September 14. Duuuuuude. Duuuuuuude. September 14. 3D.
Photo: This signature image shows a view of New Fantasyland in detail from the very top turret of Cinderella’s Castle. The landscape stretches from Maurice’s Cottage on the left, all the way to the colorful Storybook Circus on the right.Photo: Another rendering depicts Belle enjoying a book right outside Maurice’s Cottage, with Beast’s Castle high up on the mountains in the background.
Photo: In this image, Ariel gazes at Prince Eric’s Castle while the tide rushes in. Can’t you just hear her singing “Part of Your World?”

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monster's University

Bella Thorne Wins Imagen Award

Bella Thorne won the Imagen award for Best Young Actress yesterday! Congratulations, Bella!! You totally deserve it!! If you have a Twitter account, go follow her @bellathorne

Friday, August 10, 2012


The time has come for Disney to release another Disney Princess film...

 This time, the Princess' name will be Princess Anna, and she will be voiced by Kristen Bell!

 This movie should be in a theater near you in Novemeber 2013!

The title of the movie is Frozen and it is based off of Han's Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. Hans Christian Anderson's book has also made it to another Disney film release in 1989...can you guess which one? The Little Mermaid, which all supercalifragalisticexpialidocious (spell check) (also, that should be an actual word in the dictionary) Disney fans should know?

 A young girl teams up with mountain men to find The Snow Queen. Once the Snow Queen is found, the never-ending snow/winter spell that has trapped their kingdom can finally be broken.

 So, will this Hans Christian Anderson animated film be as good The Little Mermaid? How do you feel about Disney adding in another Princess after Merida was released to us only a few months ago? I'm personally excited to see another Disney Princess, but do you think they could possibly ever have too many?

P.S. Did you also notice I used italics more than usual? :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Song and Character of the Saturday

Sorry I didn't post this on the actual Saturday, but we went on vacation and I was too tired from walking around Biltmore Gardens to see the "waterfall" Trust me, it's not that special. And you can see it from your car either leaving or going to Biltmore Estate. Other than that I had a pretty good time. We went on an audio tour there and the Vanderbilt's had a swimming pool in their house that held like 7,000 gallons of water or something. Also, I will hopefully be going to Walt Disney World during my Fall Break with my mom, her friend from work, her husband, and her kids. SO I'M SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP! It's been FOREVER since I've been to Disney World!

But anyways, here you go:

  Character: Peter Pan

Hopefully, Peter Pan will be there too! It's my favorite Disney movie besides Lady and the Tramp and The Lion King.

 Song: Look Through My Eyes

WOW This song has been in my head for a month now and I can't get it out! BTW that is a GOOD THING!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Gosh, I am so sorry about the last Sat. I know I haven't updated in awhile. Mostly because I've been studying to become an author/journalist and I need all the improvement I can get. Blogging helps, but I just...yeah. So anyway:

 Character: Gurgi

 Song: Touch the Sky 
From: Brave

Also sorry about that! I know I said I would do a review on it, but studying. Also, no one else wanted to see it. We had to see Madagascar 3 and the Amazing Spiderman. However, Spiderman was VERY good.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Character/Song of the Saturday

 Colors of the Wind
From the Movie:
Sung by:

He'll be a week old tomorrow, so why not go ahead and give this cute little guy the honor of being the Character of the Saturday! Here he is, the newest Duncan: Toby Wan Kenobi Duncan.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Disney Baby!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Movie will be out on August 21, 2012!

Win Your Own Princess Diaries 1 & 2 Blu-Ray 2 Movie Collection from M Magazine

Here's the Link: Win Your Very Own Copy of the Princess Diaries 1 & 2

Win your very own copy of The Princess Diaries 1 & 2!

What If Disney Characters Were Real? (cont...)

So, everyone remembers the pics I have on here of Esmerelda, Ariel, Mulan, Belle, etc. right? Well Jirka's blog has even MORE pictures and here they are!

Jane  Jane from Tarzan and Tarzan and JaneAlice  Alice from Alice in Wonderland (The Cartoon Version)

   Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, Peter Pan in: Return to Neverland, Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, and the soon-to-release Secret of the Wings.

I Wanna Know: Who is your favorite Disney character? What is your favorite painting by Jirka's Blog? Which painting do you think looks MORE life-like?

Photos: Jirka's Blog

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Disney Hidden Items You Might Have Missed

Disney Meal Time

Sources and Pictures: Disney Store

Minnie Mouse Meal Time Magic CollectionThe Little Mermaid Meal Time Magic CollectionRapunzel Meal Time Magic CollectionMickey Mouse Meal Time Magic CollectionLightning McQueen Meal Time Magic CollectionToy Story Meal Time Magic Collection

Brave Meal Time Magic CollectionTinker Bell Meal Time Magic CollectionJake and the Never Land Pirates Meal Time Magic Collection  Prices are from $6.50 to $8.50

A Trip to the Disney Store

So, I went on vacation Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We went to the Disney Store and guess what I got! Mickey Mouse PJ's! I seen them and fell in love with them so I ran to my Mom and begged her for my money (I didn't bring my purse, just my wallet) They had shirts too, but she didn't see them and I didn't bother to ask. I could've gotten a reuseable bag with it too, but there were people behind me so I said no, sadly. My cousin also got her sister-in-law some figurines of Winnie the Pooh for her expectant baby- it's a girl and she's doing her room in Winnie the Pooh! Sounds like my new best friend if you ask me, haha! We were going to get her stuffed animals of Rabbit, Eeyore, Piglet, Owl, Roo, and Kanga, but there weren't any :( Do you know how hard it was for me to be surrounded by Disney stuff and NOT go crazy? It was a nightmare! LOL! They also had Brave things set up like three bears or something, I can't really remember, um a Merida doll, and her dress. Not the dress that she can't breathe in but the really pretty green dress. So, I wanna know: What's your favorite thing you've ever bought at a Disney Store, or Wal mart, or anything Disney! Also, will you go watch Disney Pixar's Brave on June 22? I DEFINETLY WILL! And review it when I get back online. This will be my first movie review and I'm happy I'm starting it with Brave, because it looks funny and cute!Hero Merida Costume CollectionGames Merida Costume CollectionGame Merida. This dress wasn't in my Disney Store, but online @ Disney Store

Picture: Disney Store

Song of the Saturday/Character of the Saturday

Happy Father's Day!

Meeko from Pocahontas

So Sorry Guys,

Hey everyone, I'm so incredibly sorry that I haven't posted any news so far, or Characters or Songs of the Saturdays. The first couple of times has been by complete laziness...haha. But today, I woke up and I almost passed out. I felt like I might throw up, was afraid to eat, and my vision wasn't helping any. I couldn't find my glasses because I had almost wore my contacts all night and didn't think of getting them. So I slept until, like four. I ate a few bites of macaroni, but then felt sick again so went back to bed but didn't sleep. Then I came and sat on the couch and watched TV (but I really wish I hadn't because my dad and papaw has it on some kind of police chasing stuff and the red and blue whites...they murder. But now, I'm a little bit better. I will try to post the Saturday stuff now when I'm supposed to. Again, incredibly sorry.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cars Land

The hit YouTube stars, Sofia Grace and Rosie, were invited to be the first kids to test out the new attraction at Disneyland. It's called Cars Land. The girls got to see the new attraction along with their Ellen umbrellas. Sofia Grace and Rosie are some of the cutest little girls ever! I love when Sofia talks to Mater!

"Snow White's Scary Adventures" Last Adventure

With new expansion of the New Fantasyland, "Snow White's Scary Adventures" will have it's last adventure May 31, 2012. Just two days from now. It's sad to see the ride go, but The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will be out in 2014. Until then, we can always get our much needed Snow White time from the Meet & Greet, and in the parade.
 Photo courtesy of: Disney Parks Blog

New Magic Kingdom Attractions

So, my last post was about Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. BUT, New Magic Kingdom is not only adding that attraction into New Fantasyland, but it is also going to be expanding few  new rides! There will be Beast's Castle, and The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. They will also be improving Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Barnstormer.
 Photos from: Disney Parks Blog


Prince Eric's Castle

Hey everyone, I found out some very exciting news! Prince Eric's castle will be in the Magic Kingdom at New Fantasyland! The building will be home to the attraction Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid 
Here are some photos of the castle! Courtesy of: Disney Parks Blog *I do NOT own these photos.*

Disney Pool Toys

It's that time again! Time to hit the pool, or relax at the beach. So I decided to check out some Disney Pool toys on 

Disney Toy Story Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Monster Inc Sully, Dash, Nemo, the Incredible, Bath Pool Squeak Toys by disney $31.98

Princess Dive Sticks - Set of 3 by Swimways $14.99


Disney Princess Pool Toys Set - Disney Princess Beach Ball (20"), Disney Princess Pool Float (28" Princess Surf Rider), Disney Princess Arm Floats (2 Inflatable 7" Princess Floaties), and Disney Princess Swim Ring (20") - Bonus Disney Eraser Included with the Set by ParagonMarketing - Disney $14.99

Swimways Disney Cars Sun Canopy Baby Float by Swimways $19.99

Courtesy of:

Monday, May 28, 2012

My new Disney DVD

Soo, I went to Wal-Mart the other night looking for 'The Princess Diaries/The Princess Diaries II: Royal Engagement" on the 2 Movie Collection (which I seen came out in M Magazine). I couldn't find it anywhere! I was so disappointed until I found Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. I am in LOVE with this movie, but I didn't have it, so I got it instead. I love how stores usually have the older movies out now! If I couldn't only buy one-I'd have my buggy filled with the Disney movies!

A Weeks worth of Disney News!

For the first time ever, I'll be on here all week! I'll try to post as much Disney news as possible. If you find some Disney news that I probably haven't seen yet, e-mail me @ Or, Tweet it to me, maybe. Hope I find some really good Disney news. I will be posting about my new DVD I got too, and just for Summer, my Disney pool toy. I'll find some cute princess bathing suits for kids, and awesome pool toys hopefully! Have a good day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stolen iPhone Adventures

I laughed when I found this story in USA Today so I just had to post it!

 A woman went on a Disney Cruise Line cruise with her iPhone. It was stolen. She set up a Facebook page called 'Adventures of Stolen iPhone' or something in that nature. Every picture he took, ended up on the Facebook page. The pictures showed him relaxing in the sunset and drinking with other crew members. The man was caught, and they found out that he was a crew member on the Disney Dream Cruise. WOW!

Song/Character of the Saturday

* SO sorry I didn't out this up last Saturday. So here's two characters and two songs.*

Friday, May 18, 2012

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers

Hey everyone, I was checking out my Facebook page and guess what I seen as an ad? Simba! It was by Disney so I clicked on it, of course. It took me to this very cool game called Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers. You get to compete against your friends in a hidden object kind of game. It's pretty fun in my opinion, so get on Facebook today and play!

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Game

For All You Moms Out There...

I know Mother's Day was last week, but better late than never. Here's a shout-out to all you moms.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Song of the Saturday

Character of the Saturday

                                          Character: Woody
                                           Movie: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, also appears in A Bug's Life

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Remember to go see Chimpanzee to help save chimps! Just thought I'd let you know.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Epic Mickey 2

Song of the Saturday

Character of the Saturday!

Today's Character of the Saturday is: Winnie the Pooh! Oh, and my cousin and I went shopping for her fiance's sister's baby shower gift and guess what we got her? A Winnie the Pooh scrapbook, and it is so adorable, and some car seat extras!


Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm On Twitter!!

Hey guys, if you don't have a Facebook Account, now you can follow my updates with Twitter!! Just search fr Bella Welsh and it should have a colorful Disney logo on it. When you click it, it should also have the picture at the top of the blog on it as the background. Follow Me!

Track My Tee!


So, "Chimpanzee", Disneynature's newest film, hit theaters today. Has anyone seen it yet? I haven't either, but I can't wait to! It looks so cute, and you have to admit Oscar is one of the cutest chimps ever! Also, if you go see it opening weekend, Disney will donate to the Jane Goodall Foundation. Which is awesome. You know why? Because you get to see an awesome movie, while giving back to the environment! Both sides win!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My New Facebook Page!

Hey, everyone, as far as I checked, I now have 101 page views! That's awesome! But, let's get it up even more!  
Well, I created a page for Bella the Disney Queen, but it wouldn't let me I just gave up on it but you can still "Like" it. But, you can also add me as a friend! Just search Bella Welsh and the profile picture should be of Walt and Mickey walking on a bridge, basically my cover page under "Bella the Disney Queen.
Bringing the latest Disney news, to you." I'll accept them all, but of course- no personal information will be shared. Soo... add me, then "Like" me! And then, you know what you do? You e-mail your friends that are MADLY in love with Disney and tell them about the site, Facebook Page, and Facebook Profile! Please, and thank you!

Song of the Saturday

Character of the Saturday

Minnie Mouse

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My NEW Disney Movies

I've recently been shopping and I've found some Disney Movies! Last weekend, I went to Sam's Club and bough Mary Poppins: 45th Anniversary Edition. It was my first time in Sam's Club, and I was amazed at how many Disney movies they had in there! They had the Black Cauldron, Tarzan, An Extremely Goofy Movie, Hercules, and soo many more! I also got a Hunger Games magazine by US!
Then, we went to Wal Mart and they had about the same thing, but they had Brother Bear on two discs, so I got it, too! But, my Mom said no more movies today, and that I had to wait until Easter. Boy was I dissapointed when we went to Target! They had every movie there! The Black Caludron, Tarzan, An Extremely Goofy Movie, Brother Bear, the Nightmare Before Chrsitmas, Lilo and Sitch, African Cats, Oceans, Earth, and so many more to name! Thought about going one day this week, but I was busy. So, I can't wait for two more weeks! I get an Easter Basket that's "from the Easter Bunny" every year. Most people don't get anything on Easter, so I'm glad I'm one of the few lucky people that do. OH! And I also got The Muppets the first day it came out. And at my hometown Wal Mart, they had exclusive Muppet Finger Puppets of Kermit, Miss Piggy, and a two more I think. BUT- I didn't know if it had the Soundtrack in it, so I didn't get it. But, I got the Wocka Wocka Pack, and was so excited. I THOUGHT you got the CD as a disc, BUT- you don't. You have to log onto Disney Movie Rewards and download it. Now, I wish I would of gotten the puppets, and BOUGHT the real CD on iTunes. Maybe I missed the DOWNLOADABLE soundtrack part, then again, maybe I didn't. At first I was like, FALE ADVERTISEMENT, but then as more commercials came they started saying DOWNLOADABLE soundtrack and it made me think that I somehow missed that, and that's not normal for me to miss something, especially if it's Disney. Everytime I hear something about Disney, my ears perk up from what I'm doing and I listen, but if I missed it, I'll rewind it with my DVR and then make a calandar note about it on my phone. But oh, well, I can always make finger puppets, they might not turn out too pretty, but at least I know I made them, and the best part: they were Free.
If they turn out good, I'll post how to make them, but if they don't...I'll find something on the internet to help me out with.

CoS & SoS

Hey, everyone, sorry I didn't post the Character & Song of the Saturday yesterday. So, the character of the Saturday is:

Name: Stitch
                                    Specific Name: Experiment 626
Movie: Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch 2, Stitch! The Movie, Leroy and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch the Series


In EXTRAORDINARY honor of the movie that came out March 20th (Sorry I got that wrong on my other post)
Song: Man or Muppet?
Sung by: Jason Segel, and Jim Parsons...I think Jim sings it too, he's in the FUN FACT: Jim Parsons is also the hilarious Sheldon Cooper on the Hit Tv show, the Big Bang Theory.