Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Trip to the Disney Store

So, I went on vacation Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We went to the Disney Store and guess what I got! Mickey Mouse PJ's! I seen them and fell in love with them so I ran to my Mom and begged her for my money (I didn't bring my purse, just my wallet) They had shirts too, but she didn't see them and I didn't bother to ask. I could've gotten a reuseable bag with it too, but there were people behind me so I said no, sadly. My cousin also got her sister-in-law some figurines of Winnie the Pooh for her expectant baby- it's a girl and she's doing her room in Winnie the Pooh! Sounds like my new best friend if you ask me, haha! We were going to get her stuffed animals of Rabbit, Eeyore, Piglet, Owl, Roo, and Kanga, but there weren't any :( Do you know how hard it was for me to be surrounded by Disney stuff and NOT go crazy? It was a nightmare! LOL! They also had Brave things set up like three bears or something, I can't really remember, um a Merida doll, and her dress. Not the dress that she can't breathe in but the really pretty green dress. So, I wanna know: What's your favorite thing you've ever bought at a Disney Store, or Wal mart, or anything Disney! Also, will you go watch Disney Pixar's Brave on June 22? I DEFINETLY WILL! And review it when I get back online. This will be my first movie review and I'm happy I'm starting it with Brave, because it looks funny and cute!Hero Merida Costume CollectionGames Merida Costume CollectionGame Merida. This dress wasn't in my Disney Store, but online @ Disney Store

Picture: Disney Store

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