Sunday, December 30, 2012

Character of the Sunday

Character: Mike
From: Monsters, Inc. and the new Monsters University

Along with a quote! Enjoy! :)

Song of the Sunday

Song: The Best Christmas of All
From: House of Mouse

Sorry it's a couple of days late, but it's all in the spirits everybody! :)

Things Are Gonna Change

Hey, everybody! Bella is here! Sorry it's been since the beginning of November or October, I can't remember (haha!) but I just wanted to say I am trying. I've been working on a book lately, and no it's not Once Upon A Disney Dream, it's something that is way more popular than that one could ever be.

Now, I'm not saying I won't work on Once Upon A Disney Dream, but I'm definetly working on this other one a whole lot more than it.

So, I thought I would tell you guys who I really, my name's not Bella Welsh...but it's not the name I'm going to tell you either.

I go by a pen name. I've been going by Bella Welsh on here for (almost) one year now. My "official" pen name has been going on for about six or seven months.

So my OFFICIAL pen name is:

Blake Mason

If you're a fan of Miss Literati, then you might (possibly) know who I am, or have seen my story: Dark Knight School for Heroic Children: The Legend or DKS; The Uprising.

So now, the web address is going to be Blake the Disney Queen @

I know, I know you guys are probably like, "You wait a whole freakin' year to tell us your official pen name and expect us to call you Blake after a whole freaking year?? You stink!"

And I'm over here like, "I know, guys, I know! Sorry!"

But if you start doing this, there will possibly be a lot more posts up about Disney news and I'll try to get the Song of the Saturday and Character of the Saturday up and running again! Okay, guys? 'kay!


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