Friday, August 24, 2012

Brave- Movie Review

Okay, I know I said I couldn't get this watched but I finally did! I went with my cousin, her husband, and his little sister and we either had Brave or Ice Age: Continental Drift


 Brave is a one-of-a-kind movie! It's magical, heartwarming, and HILARIOUS! The thriplets cracked me up, and so did everyone in the Kingdom. There were a lot of mothers-and SONS- watching this movie in the theatres so it's a great family film. In the movie, Merida accidentally turns her mother into a bear after going to a witch so she could change her 'mum'. King Fergus, is the BEAR King, so this has to be good...right? Anyway, Merida and her mother must find a way to break the spell before a moon (can't remember what kind) rises. Not too give away anything, but there are butt cheeks in this film...but it's funny! As soon as this movie hits Blu-Ray and DVD this Disney fan is going to Wal Mart and getting it!

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