Saturday, April 7, 2012

My New Facebook Page!

Hey, everyone, as far as I checked, I now have 101 page views! That's awesome! But, let's get it up even more!  
Well, I created a page for Bella the Disney Queen, but it wouldn't let me I just gave up on it but you can still "Like" it. But, you can also add me as a friend! Just search Bella Welsh and the profile picture should be of Walt and Mickey walking on a bridge, basically my cover page under "Bella the Disney Queen.
Bringing the latest Disney news, to you." I'll accept them all, but of course- no personal information will be shared. Soo... add me, then "Like" me! And then, you know what you do? You e-mail your friends that are MADLY in love with Disney and tell them about the site, Facebook Page, and Facebook Profile! Please, and thank you!

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