Saturday, June 16, 2012

So Sorry Guys,

Hey everyone, I'm so incredibly sorry that I haven't posted any news so far, or Characters or Songs of the Saturdays. The first couple of times has been by complete laziness...haha. But today, I woke up and I almost passed out. I felt like I might throw up, was afraid to eat, and my vision wasn't helping any. I couldn't find my glasses because I had almost wore my contacts all night and didn't think of getting them. So I slept until, like four. I ate a few bites of macaroni, but then felt sick again so went back to bed but didn't sleep. Then I came and sat on the couch and watched TV (but I really wish I hadn't because my dad and papaw has it on some kind of police chasing stuff and the red and blue whites...they murder. But now, I'm a little bit better. I will try to post the Saturday stuff now when I'm supposed to. Again, incredibly sorry.

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