Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Song and Character of the Saturday

Sorry I didn't post this on the actual Saturday, but we went on vacation and I was too tired from walking around Biltmore Gardens to see the "waterfall" Trust me, it's not that special. And you can see it from your car either leaving or going to Biltmore Estate. Other than that I had a pretty good time. We went on an audio tour there and the Vanderbilt's had a swimming pool in their house that held like 7,000 gallons of water or something. Also, I will hopefully be going to Walt Disney World during my Fall Break with my mom, her friend from work, her husband, and her kids. SO I'M SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP! It's been FOREVER since I've been to Disney World!

But anyways, here you go:

  Character: Peter Pan

Hopefully, Peter Pan will be there too! It's my favorite Disney movie besides Lady and the Tramp and The Lion King.

 Song: Look Through My Eyes

WOW This song has been in my head for a month now and I can't get it out! BTW that is a GOOD THING!

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