Sunday, January 1, 2012

What If Disney Characters Were...REAL?

This was on Yahoo News a few days ago, however, this will not be plagarism.

A graphic design student at Arts University College in the UK had an idea to bring some of your favorite Disney Characters to life. So, what if Disney Characters were real? We all know, Pocahontas was real, and Disney's first historical movie, but what about other Princesses? Like Jasmine, Auora, Snow White? And the newer ones: Rapunzel and Tiana? The ones who are characters? Well, here's how.

Photos by:

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I would have a contest, but they're pretty easy to guess.

1. Pocahontas

2. Ariel

3. Cinderella

4. Jasmine

5. Muan

6. Rapunzel

7. Snow White

8. Tiana

9. Ursula

10. Aurora

11. Belle

12. Esmerelda

13. Megera

I think they're all beautiful, but my favorite photo would have to be Belle. I think that the artist really captured her love for books, and she looks so much like she does in the movies.  My favorite Princess though is Ariel, which is my third favorite, Rapunzel is my second. My favorite other character is Cruella De Vil. My favorite other character in these photos? Ursula. Yeah, I know she takes Ariel's voice, but I think that this picture looks A LOT like Ursula in the movies.

So, who's your favorite Princess?

Favorite Photo?

Favorite Other Character? (Megera, Esmerelda, Ursulla, Cruella (no she's not here, but this is every other character)

Favorite Other Character in these Photos?

Comment your answers below.

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